Trees and melancholy

I planted two trees yesterday – the plum, called Victoria, which seems to be the most popular variety in the UK, presented to the world in 1840. Apparently, once it starts to give fruits, their colour, texture and flavour will be unearthly. But I keep calm and refrain from expressing any enthusiasm, because we all know the common knowledge that the taste of English food is…I … Continue reading Trees and melancholy

Pisco Sour – the national cocktail of Peru and Chile

Surprised? At the time of Spanish empire, they were one country. After becoming independent, both countries claimed the liquor as their own). It’s a nice refreshing cocktail consisting Pisco (alcohol distilled from white muscat grapes), key lime juice and egg white and some sugar syrup and a few drops of Angostura bitters – if you don’t have it – sprinkle the cocktail with cinnamon. Here’s … Continue reading Pisco Sour – the national cocktail of Peru and Chile

Lacrima Di Morro

Hailing from Italy’s province of Ancona in Marche region, made from rare lacrima grape, this unique red wine is fresh, perfumed and fabulous! Soft, dolcetto-like with aromas of violets, cranberries, and pomegranate with tangy layers of damson plum and spice. All rolled into a lovely stumpy bottle. NOSE: Floral bouquet recalls lavender, roses, and violets, over heavier notes of stewed strawberries. MOUTH: vanilla-tinged blueberry with … Continue reading Lacrima Di Morro

Travel and Cooking – The Memory Catchers

I have to confess, over the last decade, wherever we traveled to, we’ve developed a habit of bringing back the food which natives eat and feed their loved ones. Spices from India, salt from Nepal, halvah from Turkey, tomatoes, aubergines, saffron, olive oil and oils from Morocco, artichokes from Spain, wine from France and Spain, coffee from Colombia, jasmine, chickpeas, cucumbers, tomatoes, oranges, pepper and spices from Jordan and dried yogurt from beloved Syria and Israel and the list goes on… Continue reading Travel and Cooking – The Memory Catchers