Lacrima Di Morro

lacrima di morro

Hailing from Italy’s province of Ancona in Marche region, made from rare lacrima grape, this unique red wine is fresh, perfumed and fabulous! Soft, dolcetto-like with aromas of violets, cranberries, and pomegranate with tangy layers of damson plum and spice. All rolled into a lovely stumpy bottle.

NOSE: Floral bouquet recalls lavender, roses, and violets, over heavier notes of stewed strawberries.

MOUTH: vanilla-tinged blueberry with a hint of sweet spice like cinnamon.

Although typically mid-bodied, dry and relatively tannic, the wine can also be produced in a sweet passito style.

DRINKING: during the calm, July late evening dinner

PRICE: 9 – 25 GBP

YEAR: 2013

REGION: Marche
STYLE: Textured and medium bodied
BLEND: Lacrima


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