Pisco Sour – the national cocktail of Peru and Chile

Surprised? At the time of Spanish empire, they were one country. After becoming independent, both countries claimed the liquor as their own). It’s a nice refreshing
cocktail consisting Pisco (alcohol distilled from white muscat grapes), key lime juice and egg white and some sugar syrup and a few drops of Angostura bitters – if you don’t have it – sprinkle the cocktail with cinnamon.

Here’s the quick instruction how to make it (1 serving):

pisco sour

In a blender combine, key lime juice (2oz) with the egg white (1 tablespoon but can be the whole thing). Then
add simple syrup (1-2 oz depending on how sweet you want it to be), Pisco (3 oz) and ice (1/4 cup of crushed ice – Pisco Sour is never served on the rocks) and blend it at high speed. Pour the cocktail into a glass and
sprinkle the bitters or cinnamon. Don’t wait, serve it right away.

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