Allegedly some of us became friends some 10 years ago at the university campus. Four-footed others, joined bunny-hopping some 4 years ago. Since then we’ve been inseparable when it comes to travels, food savouring and wine testing.

We are always hungry to taste new food and ingredients, to learn where they come from, how they are grown and if there’s a cultural, family or historical story behind a delicious meal or is it a pure display of the chef’s creativity.

We are hungry to taste and learn more about wines coming from different parts of the world. You may (or may not if you’ve been there) find it surprising but the best wine we had so far, was from a tiny vineyard in Burgundy. We were walking along countryside, discovering ‘Secret life of France’ when we detour to a modest farm. But what a farm it was. We bought a bottle of unforgettable white wine Chardonnay along with formage  – both produced there – and sat down on the stone wall overlooking 17th century mansion and Burgundy vineyards. Wine never tasted better! Right temperature from the farmer’s cellar, great aromatic goat’s cheese and the unforgettable landscapes surrounding us. We spent there nearly 2 hours, sipping best wine ever, talking about life and some fleeting moments like these. Moments that bring comfort, joy and harmony. We want to share moments like that with you. We want to share our passion for food, wine and travels with you. Love it or hate it – we will be always true when it comes to describing our culinary or wine explorations.

Kate & Emilia